Angels’ Shohei Ohtani is the focus of 11 teams’ attention; trade reports heat up as transfer deadline nears


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Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani (28) will start against the Rangers on July 28 (starting at 10:38 a.m. Japan time on July 29), becoming the first pitcher since Babe Ruth in 1918 to win double-digit games and hit double-digit home runs. This will be a mound that will attract the full attention of Japanese and American baseball fans, and there are 11 teams that will be looking at him more intensely than any other. With reports of a trade for Otani heating up, the July edition of “Monthly Shohei” asked the reporters in charge of the 29 teams, excluding the A-gun, about the possibility of acquiring the two-tool player in the future. (The Red Sox’s total salary declined by 1.5 million yen from the previous month.)



 Red Sox: If the total amount of salary decreases

The Red Sox have a strong interest in acquiring DH Martinez, who is a free agent this offseason, and center fielder Bogaerts, who may opt out of his contract this offseason, if his total salary decreases. With a history of Japanese players on the team, the team also tried to acquire him in the 2017 offseason. The way he will be used is as a DH and one of the starting pitchers, just as he is now. Ohtani has also spoken favorably of his home base at Fenway Park. Although it is difficult to predict the length of the contract, the expected salary is $35-40 million (approx. ¥4.8-5.4 billion). He can be considered a low-risk player in the sense that he can contribute either pitching or hitting. (Peter Abraham, Boston Globe)


 Yankees: No need to protect right field.

He has large contracts with Stanton and Cole, and a contract extension with Judge awaits. How will it work if these negotiations become complicated? Judge and the Yankees need each other and are expected to “stay,” but if they are moved, they will have to make up for their hitting ability and will be financially solvent. Considering that he is a two-tool pitcher, Ohtani’s next contract will probably be worth a total of $400 million. However, he will surely not be able to occupy the DH position as he does now and will need to protect right field at times. (Pete Caldera, The Bergen Record)


 [Mariners: 100% fit]

I remember GM Jerry Dipoto working hard to get Ohtani in the 2017 offseason and being disappointed. There is no doubt that he would give it his all if he had the chance now. Ohtani would be a 100% fit with the Mariners. First of all, he is in position to make the postseason. Furthermore, they don’t need to protect him because of their depth in the outfield, and he can continue to pitch and DH. In the event of a trade, there are plenty of young prospects in the minors as replacements. The team’s total annual salary is less than $100 million, which is more than enough for their wallets, and the projected contract size after FA is, if I had to guess, about $300 million over seven years. (The Seattle Times’ Larry Stone.)


 Mets are rebuilding their starting pitching staff.

Steve Cohen, the most financially powerful owner in the big leagues, is a major factor. For example, this offseason, he could ask the Angels if they are willing to take on the remainder of Rendon’s contract (four years, $150 million, or 20.4 billion yen) and trade Ohtani. The Mets could also propose that they trade Ohtani for Rendon’s remaining contract. The Mets need to rebuild their starting pitching staff, as deGrom has indicated his intention to opt out of his contract this offseason and Scherzer has the right to become a FA in the 2023 offseason. GM Billy Eppler, the former A’s GM who was instrumental in acquiring Otani, is also a big factor. The impact of a player like Ohtani playing in New York is immeasurable. (The Athletic’s Andy McCullough.)


 Giants Seeking Big Star.

Since Barry Bonds retired, there has been no big star. We want a big star because the stadium is not packed. Ohtani will help us win both pitching and hitting, and he will generate a lot of money for the team in terms of tickets, merchandise, etc. He is the best player for the Giants. He can be the best player for the Giants. But there is not a glut of promising players in the minor leagues under their umbrella, and there is no one to replace him. So a trade is unlikely, but he has the financial resources, so he could be moved if he becomes a FA. The way he would be used would probably be the same as now, as a starting pitcher and DH. I would not be surprised if the total size of the contract exceeds $400 million (¥54.4 billion). (The Athletic’s Andruw Baggarly.)


 Dodgers: Low likelihood of DH ownership..

He has been keen on acquiring them since high school and went all out to get them in the 2017 offseason. Either trade or FA, he will move aggressively if the opportunity is there. He is competitive enough to win the district championship this season, but not if he wants to be the best in the world. We want the best team possible. The starting lineup is well rounded, and we are not obsessed with 4 days in the middle of the season. They can have their starters start at the same intervals as the Angels. On the other hand, they are unlikely to occupy the DH and may occasionally play the outfield. The team has a chance to be in the postseason every year and always aims to be the best in the world. He will also have the opportunity to win both the season MVP and the Cy Young Award. (Bill Plunkett, Orange County Register)


Blue Jays: Otani and Guerrero could create a golden era.

In the 2017 offseason, we tried our best to acquire Otani and were disappointed that he did not remain in the final seven teams. This time around, they will be serious about acquiring him again, either by trade or FA. In the case of a trade, there are some excellent young prospects. Angels GM Perry Minassian used to work for the Blue Jays, so he knows what kind of players are available in the minors. Even if a player becomes a FA, the parent company has sufficient financial resources. Even if a player becomes a FA, the parent company has enough money. The team has a lot of talent in the field, including Guerrero, Bichette, Kirk, Chapman, Espinal, Hernandez, and Springer. The pitching staff is also solid with Berrios, Gausman, and Manoa. The level of the A-League East Division is high, but that is exactly what Ohtani wants. (The White Sox have a lot of talent of the same generation.)


 White Sox have a lot of great talent in their generation.

Pitchers Cies, Giolito, and Kopec, and fielders Anderson, Moncada, Roberto, and Bourn are all from the same generation as Otani and are at their best as baseball players. If Ohtani joins this group, it is not a dream to win the middle division of the A-League and to be the number one team in the world in the post-season. The strength of the team is the ability to acquire good players from Cuba. The next generation is also waiting in the minor leagues. The atmosphere in the clubhouse is also good. Abreu, the 2020 MVP in the field, and Cueto, the pitcher, are showing leadership. The manager is Tony LaRussa, a three-time world champion. The environment for becoming the world’s No. 1 is in place. (Ramond Pope, Chicago Tribune)


Phillies have a president who is a decisive and determined world number one contractor.

Dave Dombrowski, team president, led the Marlins and Red Sox to the world championship as GM and chief organization officer of the Marlins in 1997 and 2018, respectively. He has also been to the World Series twice while GM of the Tigers. He is a decisive man and has surprised the baseball world by putting together trades and major contracts for FA players many times. As for Ohtani, he moved to acquire him during his time with the Red Sox in the 2017 offseason and loves him. The Phillies already have a lineup of stars, including Harper and Schwarber, and the team’s president loves stars. He will probably try to acquire the two-tool Otani. However, it is difficult to acquire him in the trade market. There are not enough young prospects, especially pitchers, in the minor leagues. (Scott Lauber, Philadelphia Inquirer)


Nationals: We can turn around the 0 million we have set aside for Soto.

The team needs a star player who can fill the stands. That is Ohtani, and the team has the financial resources. The offer of $450 million (about 61.2 billion yen) to Soto was in the news just the other day. Since that was rejected, there is money left over; not quite the same as the 23-year-old Soto, who was offered a 15-year contract, but still a total of about $400 million (¥54.4 billion) for Ohtani. However, the next time the Nationals will be able to compete for a championship will probably be in about three years. It will be interesting to see if Ohtani can wait until then for the team to grow. (Gabe Lax, USA Today)


Cardinals, winners of 11 World Series championships, will continue their winning tradition with Ohtani.

They made a move to acquire Ohtani in the 2017 offseason as well, but at that time they did not have a DH system and were at a disadvantage from the start. This time is different. They will make a serious move to acquire him regardless of trade or FA. In recent years, they have acquired Arenado and Goldschmidt in trades. Even in the case of FA, the team’s payroll is expected to have enough to spare in the off-season of 2023, when Ohtani becomes a FA. They can enter the competition for acquisitions. The Cardinals have won the World Series 11 times, second only to the Yankees. They are also one of the best in attendance. If you are focused on winning and want to play in front of a packed house, we can provide that environment. I would like to see Ohtani pitch at Busch Stadium with Goldschmidt and Arenado hitting in the middle of the lineup. (Derrick Gould, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)