Amber Heard’s newly exposed lie. The “psychologist’s notes” never existed.


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Another Amber Heard lie has been exposed. The “hard evidence” that she was not allowed to present at the trial was a fabrication.



Heard has a look of regret on her face.

Heard told the lie in an exclusive TV interview he received after the verdict. She confided in detail about the DV by Johnny Depp to a psychologist she had been seeing for years, and submitted the counselor’s notes as evidence, which were rejected by the judge, she said. Those notes, seen by interviewer Savannah Guthrie, included such things as “he hit her and she fell to the floor,” “he ripped her pajamas,” and “he pushed her against the wall and said he was going to kill her. Heard expressed regret that if he had seen these notes, the jury would have reached a different verdict.


But there was no mention of the psychologist’s notes in the trial preparation record, which was subsequently unsealed at the judge’s discretion. Prior to trial, both attorneys would tell the other what they were going to offer as evidence, whose testimony they would use, etc., and demand that the other party “not use that” or “not offer that person’s testimony,” and the judge would make a decision and issue an order. Such things are glossed over in this voluminous court record, but there is no mention of Depp’s lawyers objecting to these notes, or of the judge’s rejection of them.


This is not so surprising. From the moment Heard made the statement on television, questions had been raised on social media. Heard and Depp shared a diary when they were a couple, and one of the pieces of evidence presented at trial was Heard’s writing in that diary, which is quite similar to the handwriting in the psychologist’s notebook.


It was also pointed out by an actual professional psychotherapist that professionals do not take notes like that. Counselors take notes as they listen, so they write like a shorthand writer. They do not have the luxury of writing down every detail as perfectly as Heard showed Guthrie. In the first place, if what was written there was true, the counselors would have a duty to report it. If Heard did in fact tell such a story and did not report it, it means that the counselor took her story as a lie. No matter which way you look at it, there is no credibility to what Heard says.


Heard’s attorney broke her promise.

The trial brief also shows that Heard and Heard’s team of attorneys did not follow through on their own requests to Depp’s side of the case.


Heard’s legal team stated, “Plaintiff [Depp] should not be allowed to use as evidence who is paying for [Heard’s] legal fees. Such evidence has no bearing on whether or not Mr. Depp violated Amber Heard,” and “Plaintiffs should not be allowed to put into evidence evidence who is paying for their respective attorneys’ fees. That risks confusing and prejudicing the jury,” the document states. At this stage, payments had already begun to be made to Heard’s attorneys by one of Heard’s insurance companies. The amount paid by this insurance company to Heard’s attorneys and others amounted to $6 million by the time the trial began. While it is unclear whether this fact would affect the verdict, they may have thought that it would be to their advantage to gain sympathy if the jury did not know about it.


In fact, when Heard was questioned by Depp’s lawyers at trial about the fact that he had declared that he would donate the $7 million Depp had given him in the divorce but had not actually paid it, he tried to convince the jury by saying that it was because Depp had sued him and now had to pay his legal fees. When, in answer to another question, Heard almost said “$6 million,” Depp’s lawyer strongly “objected!” and interrupted him by shouting “Objection! Furthermore, in closing arguments, Heard’s attorney, Ilene Bredehoeft, turned to the jurors and told them that Heard could not make the donation because he had paid $6 million in legal fees and that he still intended to make the donation. This is not only a lie to begin with, but a broken promise.


Depp renews his contract with Dior.

From his opening statement at trial, Bredehoeft said that there was a “mountain of evidence” that Depp had been violent with Heard. Even after he lost the case, he said he was sorely disappointed to lose, saying that he had strong evidence but was not allowed to use it at trial. But now it has become clear that there was still no such thing as convincing evidence. In such a situation, how is Bredehoeft preparing for the appeal? Speaking of Heard, he was recently photographed enjoying a vacation in Israel with his biggest supporter and only friend, Eve Barlow. But what a mystery it is that Heard is pushing an empty stroller in that photo; did he leave his 1-year-old daughter somewhere? Is someone taking care of her? Then why is he pushing the stroller?


Meanwhile, good things continue to happen for Depp. His live concerts are a huge success, and he will soon begin filming a movie that will be shot on location in France. What’s more, his contract with Dior has been renewed. According to reports, it is a multi-year deal with a payout in the millions.


Depp signed on to appear in an ad for Dior’s men’s fragrance Sovage in 2015 (at which time Heard told Depp, “Dior is a brand with taste. Why would they use a dork like you?'” (he said). The following year, when Heard began claiming that Depp had been subjecting her to domestic violence, Dior continued to use non-television commercials; when Depp won her case successfully in June, as if to congratulate her, Dior aired a major network’s prime time commercials featuring Depp in prime time on major networks.


Dior, which was not swept away when Hollywood turned its back on Depp, was strongly favored by Depp’s supporters, and sales of “Sovage” increased significantly, especially during the trial. This contract renewal makes sense for both parties. And it represents the beginning of a new future for Depp. Even though he is still facing appeals, there is a good smell surrounding Depp.