Elon Musk launches perfume “Burnt Hair”! What kind of perfume does the world’s richest man recommend?


Last Updated on 10/13/2022 by てんしょく飯


Elon Musk, CEO of the electric car giant Tesla Inc. and the world’s richest man, has announced his perfume “Burnt Hair.



The essence of desire to the point of antipathy.


On October 11, Elon, who added the description “perfume salesman” to his Twitter profile (@elonmusk), unveiled “Burnt Hair,” a perfume he called “the best fragrance on the planet.

Elon stated, “With a name like mine, it was inevitable that I would jump into the fragrance business,” and unveiled the perfume in its entirety on his website and social networking sites. The red bottle has “Burnt Hair” printed in silver writing and “singed” below it.


The site also describes the perfume as “the essence of desire to the point of repulsiveness.


Burnt Hair is already available for purchase, priced at $100 (about $14,600). According to Elon, more than 5,000 bottles have already been sold.