The world’s oldest model, Carmen Dell’Orefice, proudly nude at 91! What is the reason for her divine appearance?


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Carmen Dell’Orefice, the “world’s oldest model,” has become the talk of the town for her beautiful nude appearance at the age of 91.


Carmen Dell’Orefice appeared on the cover of this month’s issue of “New You” magazine along with model Beverly Johnson (69). Beverly Johnson was the first black woman to appear on the cover of Vogue in 1974.



Carmen Dell’Orefice, “the world’s oldest model,” is making headlines for her beautiful nude appearance at the age of 91.



In this magazine, Carmen also appears nude. Lying on her bed and covered with a white sheet, she shows beautiful lines that are hard to believe that she is 91 years old.

Carmen explained the reason for her nudity this time: “What you see in me is up to you. We are there and the synergy starts to happen and they bring it out,” says Carmen.


She added, “The mindset of the photographer is quite high, not low. Everything is a reflection of things. We are all actresses who do not speak,” she said.


Born in New York in 1931 to parents of Italian and Hungarian descent, Carmen Dell’Orefice has been a relentless top model for 77 years, since her modeling debut in 1945, and is beautiful from the outside and the inside.