Billie Eilish shows off his “Baby & Grandpa” costume with his new girlfriend! Is this choice a message from the two of them to the world…? However, this cosplay caused an outcry on the Internet.


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Popular singer Billie Eilish (20) and her new boyfriend, musician Jesse Rutherford (31), dressed up in an unusual Halloween costume.



They may have dressed up as “Baby and Grandpa.”


Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford visited Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween event “Halloween Horror Nights” in early October this year, and rumors of a relationship began when he and Jesse were holding hands at the event.


And this time, a photo of Billie enjoying a Halloween costume was spread on the Internet. She is dressed up as a “baby. Jessie, who is rumored to be her boyfriend, is dressed as an “old man. The quality of the costume is quite high, using a kind of special make-up.

While most people dress up as characters or zombies for Halloween, Billie and Jesse chose to dress up as a baby and an old man, an unusual costume. What is the meaning behind this?


In fact, the age difference between Billie and Jesse has been a source of controversy ever since rumors of their relationship began to circulate. Since Jesse is 11 years older than Billie and Billie is only 20, some have said that Jesse is grooming Billie. Grooming originally means “grooming (an animal),” but in the context of sex crimes, it refers to the act of a person who intends to sexually abuse a child to gain the trust of a potential victim by approaching and befriending him or her. It is also called child grooming.


Perhaps the two men dressed up as “baby and grandpa” in a way to reverse the public outcry.


However, some netizens who saw this masquerade commented harshly, “I can’t believe Billie and Jesse are making grooming into a story.” “Am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong with these two in their costumes?” and other harsh comments.