Katy Perry talks about how she balances motherhood and work! She works late into the night to pack her daughter’s lunch.” Why she doesn’t have a full-time babysitter…?


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Singer Katy Perry (38) is currently in the middle of a permanent performance in Las Vegas. She is also a working mother raising her daughter Daisy (2) with actor Orlando Bloom.



Katy Perry talks about her work-life balance.


In an interview with “Extra,” Katy recently opened up about how she interacts with her daughter in the midst of her busy schedule of performing almost every day.


I’m doing a permanent show in Las Vegas,” she said. So first I take my daughter to daycare, and then I go to Las Vegas to do the show,” Katy said, introducing her daily routine. I still have to pack my daughter’s lunch. I come home from the show and my face is all made up. I’m drenched in sweat. It feels like dust to cut the ears off of the sandwiches I made for her lunch.


Katy added, “She is the origin of everything. I can learn a lot from her. She is the origin of everything I do,” she said.


Although Katy is busy, she does not plan to get a full-time babysitter.


She explained the reason for this on a podcast she once appeared on: “I’m working a lot. I’m always working. So I have a very good babysitter. But I’m not going to hire a full-time nanny,” she said.


She continued, “So when I have a whole day off, I’m in mommy mode all the time. It doesn’t matter if the previous day’s show ended at 11 p.m., I get up at 6 a.m. and have breakfast with her. Sometimes the lack of sleep affects my body, but I still stay in mommy mode for the day,” said Katy, describing how she interacts with her daughter.