Tom Cruise Ruined Our Shooting” One Drama Lead Actress Outraged at Tom’s Annoying Behavior! What in the world did Tom do…?


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Tom Cruise, the actor known for “Top Gun” and the “Mission: Impossible” series, is currently in the UK. However, his “commute” seems to be interfering with the filming of the BBC drama “Call the Midwife”.



In a new interview, Jenny Agutter, the star of the BBC drama “Call the Midwife,” opens up about his “commute.


Jenny told the Mirror, “Tom Cruise keeps ruining our shoot by landing his helicopter right outside where we are filming. Tom Cruise, who has a pilot’s license, reportedly flew the helicopter over the set of “Call the Midwife” in Surrey, England, causing quite a commotion while the cast was trying to film the scene.


Tom Cruise is apparently filming the latest installment of the “Mission: Impossible” series.

Speaking of Tom, he is very agile in the air, and he has been in the news for doing his own stunts in the movie “Top Gun Maverick”. He is also known to have landed on the set of the latest “Mission: Impossible” series by helicopter, and also flew himself to the premiere of “Top Gun Maverick”.


Tom is also aiming to be the first actor to shoot a film in space, and according to BBC News, Universal Filmed Entertainment Group Chairman Donna Langley said, “We have a great project in development with Tom. We are going to take a rocket to the space station and film it,” she said.