Assault at Elton John concert venue! A video of a man being beaten unconscious by multiple people is circulating, but it actually reveals a surprising fact…?


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A man was beaten and fell to the ground in the parking lot of popular singer Elton John’s concert venue.


Elton John held his “last concert in North America” at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on November 20, local time. The event was simultaneously broadcast live around the world on Disney Plus, attracting more than 50,000 fans in attendance, plus countless fans from around the world.



In the parking lot of popular singer Elton John’s concert venue, a man was beaten and fell to the ground.


However, after this concert, several men punched one man in the parking lot of the venue. A man in blue punched a man in black several times, then another man in a black T-shirt punched him further, causing the beaten man to fall to the ground and appear to lose consciousness. The man who punched him also shouted such abusive words as, “You fat fuck!” and other abusive words can be heard from the man who punched him. The man who punched him also left the scene with a blonde woman and others.

In this shocking incident, police arrested one of the men in the black T-shirt for vandalism by breaking an onlooker’s smartphone.


However, after the incident, Glenn T. Jonas, the attorney for the man in the blue T-shirt, explained the details of the incident to TMZ. According to Jonas, the incident originally arose from a claim that the man who was beaten and knocked unconscious in the video harmed the blonde woman who was with the man who hit him. The men in the black and blue T-shirts knocked the man unconscious to protect this woman, but they were attacked online after a video circulated that appeared to show them beating the man unilaterally.


Jonas added, “The man who is said to be the victim drove into an area he was not allowed to enter and hit the car of the man in the blue T-shirt. However, the man who hit him became angry for some reason, claimed that his car had been hit and yelled at him,” he said. The man then began attacking the man in the blue T-shirt and two women who were with him, so the men in blue T-shirts knocked him out in self-defense,” he said, recounting how the assault began. He also said that the video only shows the last part of this sequence of events.


Jonas said, “The man who lost consciousness (after being hit) is not the victim. He was the perpetrator and simply had it coming to him,” he insisted.


The woman involved in the incident said she hit her head on the concrete and made similar claims to the police, who also made similar claims to the police, but so far only the man who struck the woman to protect her has been arrested. According to the media outlet, the case is ambiguous as to who said what and who did not say what, so it is unclear whether assault charges can be applied against anyone in the future.