Olivia Wilde “disappointed” in breakup with Harry Styles? ‘I thought everything was going to work out’


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Actress and director Olivia Wilde and singer and actor Harry Styles have broken up after two years of dating, and a source close to the couple says Olivia is “disappointed” by the breakup.



She is disappointed.




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A source told PEOPLE magazine, “This break has been difficult for Olivia. They had some problems, but Olivia thought she could solve them all,” a source told PEOPLE. ‘She’s disappointed. It’s just a tricky situation,” he continued.


After the reports of the breakup, it was reported that Olivia and Harry had not developed any feud between them, but had made a mutual decision to break up.


A source told Page Six, “He (Harry) is going to all continents next year (on tour), while Olivia has a job and a child. Therefore, it is impossible to have a relationship”.


Harry and Olivia began dating after “Don’t Worry Darling,” which Olivia directed. Nearly two years after their love affair was reported, it seemed that their relationship was going well, but it seems that they have made a decision to keep their distance for a while.


Speaking of Harry Styles, he is scheduled to perform in Japan on March 24 (Fri.) and 25 (Sat.), 2023 at Ariake Arena with his album “Harry’s House” released this year. This will be Harry’s first visit to Japan in about 5 years, since his Japan tour in May 2018, which was held upon the release of his debut solo album “Harry Styles”.