Fans are so excited! Jennifer Lopez Reveals New Husband Ben Affleck-Inspired Songs on New Album “This Is Me … Now


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Popular singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is making headlines by announcing the release of her new album.


Jennifer, a Grammy nominee, will release the album “This Is Me … Then” on the 20th anniversary of its release, revealing that she will release a new song inspired by her husband Ben Affleck.



Popular singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is the talk of the town after announcing the release of her new album.




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Jennifer will be releasing her 2023 album “This Is Me … Now” track listing via Instagram, which includes “Dear Ben pt. ll.


Dear Ben,” a ballad released in 2002 when Jennifer was first dating Affleck. Fans were immediately excited by this song-referencing title. ‘Oh my god! I’m crying now!” Ben, part 2!


Jennifer said that when she released “This Is Me … When “Then” was released, she was engaged to Ben Affleck. She dedicated the album to Ben before they separated in 2004. The song “Dear Ben” contained the lyrics “I love you” and “You’re perfect”.

Jennifer and Ben reunited in 2021. They married the following July in Las Vegas. The song “This Is Me … Midnight Trip to Vegas,” a new song included in “Now,” may be about this marriage.


Jennifer told Vogue earlier this month, “I always felt like there was real love there. There was real love there.” “When we reunited, that feeling for me was still very real,” she said of Ben.


Prior to this announcement, Jennifer had deleted her social media accounts and changed her profile picture to all black, leading many to believe she was hinting at an update on her new project.