Brad Pitt shows up on a movie set wearing a flamboyant coat! Some said he looked “like a carrot…


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Popular actor Brad Pitt (59) arrived on the set of a new thriller movie in New York on the evening of Thursday, January 26 (local time), wearing a bright orange jacket.



Some people on the Internet commented on Brad’s appearance, saying, “It looks like a carrot…”


The jacket Brad wore was reflective and bright, and he also wore a purple shirt, brown pants, and a lime green hat.

Some people on the Internet said that Brad looked “like a carrot…” in this look. The shoot that Brad participated in this time was for the thriller film “Wolves,” in which he co-stars with George Clooney. The film tells “the story of two lone wolf fixers assigned to the same job,” and will be written and directed by “Spider-Man: Homecoming” director Jon Watts.


Speaking of George and Brad, they have previously collaborated on four films: “Ocean’s 11,” “Ocean’s 12,” “Ocean’s 13,” and “Burn After Reading.


Brad is also notable for his role in “Babylon,” which is being directed by Damian Chazelle. Hollywood in the 1920s was known as the Golden Age, a time of transition from silent films to talkies. In this film, which depicts the fates of men and women trying to fulfill their dreams in a film industry colored by wealth, fame, and ambition, Brad plays Jack, a major star of silent films.