King Charles wants to mend his relationship with his son, Prince Harry! The key to wanting to mend the relationship was that ritual…?


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Prince Harry’s relationship with the royal family has further deteriorated due to the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan” and the publication of his autobiography book “Spare. However, his father, King Charles, is hoping to repair his relationship with Prince Harry.



A source close to the royal family told ET magazine, “King Charles wants Prince Harry and [his wife] Meghan to attend his coronation.

This ceremony is a pivotal moment in the King’s life. He loves his two sons and wants Prince Harry to be there,” said the King, who hopes to repair the relationship.


The coronation is a ceremony to proclaim a person’s ascension to the throne. King Charles’ coronation is scheduled to take place on May 6 this year, and it has become a focus of attention whether Prince Harry and his family will attend the ceremony.


A source said, “Prince Harry and his family will be invited. If not, the image of the king and the royal family will be considerably damaged,” the source said.


Even if they were invited, however, Prince Harry would not play an official role at the coronation because he is currently retired from official duties and is not an active member of the royal family, the source said. They noted that “Prince Harry’s role will likely be similar to the one he carried at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral last fall.”


And while it is tradition for members of the royal family to pledge allegiance to the new king at the coronation, only Prince William is expected to do so at the May ceremony.


If an invitation is to be extended to Prince Harry, it is said to be about time, but a source close to Prince Harry revealed in early February that the prince had not yet received a formal invitation.