The new trailer for the film Barbie, long awaited by the entire world, is released! What is the amazing secret and tearful truth that Barbie finds in the human world!


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Barbie, the world’s most famous fashion doll, has finally been made into a film!



The film Barbie will be released in the US on Friday 21 July!

When the film adaptation was announced last year, the perfect smiling Barbie and Ken in their dream world of bright pink, was described as “the most anticipated Barbie movie”, “Barbie and Ken are perfectly cast! ‘, ‘I can’t wait for the film to be completed!’ and the anticipation for the film exploded, spreading around the world in no time! Last summer, the Barbie-inspired “Barbiecore” style of dressing up in pink became a big trend among celebrities! And now, this summer, it’s the number one thing to look forward to!


Barbie, whose stylish fashion and bright character have won over many women, is played by Margot Robbie from Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). Ken is played by Ryan Gosling, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for La La Land. The film is directed by Greta Gerwig, who was nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay for Lady Bird. The film takes the audience into the dreamlike world of Barbie Land with a mixture of song and dance! Barbie and Ken, who live in the dream-like Barbie Land, where everything is perfect and happy, one day wander into the “real world” where everything is limited, and find what is truly important in the most powerful dream fantasy.


The “Generator”, which generates an image of Barbie as a character poster when a photo is uploaded, has also taken Twitter trends around the world, and expectations for the film have risen even higher as the No. 1 film to watch this summer! The long-awaited new trailer for Barbie, a film that has been shrouded in mystery, has finally been released simultaneously around the world!


Every day is sunny and summery, everything is pink and perfect in the dreamlike world of Barbie Land. Barbie (Margot Robbie), a popular girl who is always happy and loves to dress up, is in love with her pure boyfriend Ken (Ryan Gosling), who is also a Barbie fan. Tonight, Barbie (Margot Robbie) and her pure, fashion-loving boyfriend Ken (Ryan Gosling) go to a dance party to cool music. Yes, yesterday, today and tomorrow, every day is the best day of their lives – for the residents of Barbie Land!


Barbie thought her perfect days would go on forever, but one day something happens to her body… Barbie can no longer fly, and the water in the shower is cold. Barbie’s famous “Barbie Feet” (heels up, like wearing high heels) are also stuck to the floor. Unsure of what to do, Barbie sets off with Ken to the human world to find her owner, guided by Barbie (Kate McKinnon), an eccentric who knows the secrets of the world…


When they arrive in Los Angeles, Barbie and Ken are met with curiosity from the humans, and are suddenly taken away by the police! After having their faces photographed and fingerprints taken, they are shocked to hear the children say, “We’ve outgrown Barbie (doll)”, and are shocked by the huge gap between the perfect “Barbie Land”. They are also pursued by an executive (Will Ferrell) of Mattel, the major toy manufacturer that created Barbie Doll, and a big escape drama develops, involving the FBI…!


As Barbie and her friends interact with people in a human world that is far from perfect and full of difficulties, they face the truth about the world they had no way of knowing before and discover what is important to them. The film is filled with even more drama than the previous trailer, while the dance scene between Barbie and Ken, which has been a big part of the film since the beginning, is also amped up! Barbie and Ken head across deserts, oceans and snow-covered mountains to the human world, singing along with the doll worldview as it is. The 2:39 minute trailer also features Margot in 15 different outfits, and the new trailer is visually much more visually powerful, so expectations are high!


In addition, new scene photos that convey the film’s worldview have been released! Barbie and Ken are seen with big smiles on their faces in “Barbie Land”, where the buildings, costumes and everything else is coloured bright pink. There are also two shots of Barbie holding the steering wheel with an indescribable expression on her face next to Ken, who has his favourite roller skates in his hands!

Laugh, cry and be happy! The most powerful dream fantasy where you can be who you want to be has finally landed in Japan! The biggest pink summer in history is coming!