Amber Heard, who moved to Spain, had to leave the U.S.! What did Amber feel was “too dangerous” after losing her court case with ex-husband Johnny Depp…?


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Why did Amber Heard leave the U.S.? A source reveals the inside story.



Amber Heard, who lost a defamation lawsuit filed by her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp, last year, is now living in Spain with her two-year-old daughter.

A source who spoke to People magazine recently said that the reason behind Amber’s decision to move to Spain is because she felt that she “really, really needed to get out of the United States.


The defamation trial, which lasted six weeks starting last April, was prompted by an article Amber wrote for The Washington Post in 2018. In it, Amber confessed that she had been the victim of domestic violence in the past. And because the article implied that the perpetrator was Johnny Depp, Johnny sued the court for defamation.


The trial was spectacular, with both sides revealing each other’s extreme private life, and attracted worldwide attention, but Johnny’s side won the case on June 1, 2011. On June 1, 2011, Johnny’s side won the case, bringing the curtain down on the former spouses’ swampy legal battle. Amber, who was ordered to pay substantial damages, denounced the ruling as “a setback for women’s rights.


Johnny has since returned to film work and music, and is regaining his former status. Amber, on the other hand, became the target of public criticism. On the Internet, she became the target of cruel story images and received death threats on a daily basis. Under such circumstances, Amber has decided that it is “too dangerous” to raise her child in the United States. According to a source, Amber rented a house in Majorca, Spain, using a “pseudonym” because she could “maintain more privacy.


In June, a local journalist hit Amber on the streets of Spain. Speaking in Spanish, Amber said, “I love Spain, I love it so much,” and that she plans to stay here for the foreseeable future.