Jeremy Renner, seriously injured in snowplow accident, celebrates 52nd birthday in hospital room, thanks medical staff! ‘Thank you to my team in the ICU’


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Actor Jeremy Renner, who is currently hospitalized after being seriously injured in a snowplow accident, posted a message and photo thanking the medical staff.



Thank you to Renowned Medical ICU team for starting this (treatment) journey!

On January 1, Jeremy Renner was in a serious accident at his home in Nevada, USA, when he was hit in one leg by a snowplow (snow plow). Jeremy was taken by helicopter to a local hospital, where he reportedly suffered a number of injuries, including “blunt chest trauma.


Jeremy’s representative later reported that Jeremy was injured and seriously wounded but in stable condition, and that he was receiving excellent care at the hospital and that Jeremy was safe.


Jeremy also posted a selfie from the intensive care unit (ICU), thanking those who sent messages of support, and on another day, he reported that his mother and sister gave him a head massage and washed his hair for the first time in a week.


Jeremy celebrated his 52nd birthday on January 7. Jeremy, who is recovering from a serious accident, posted a photo of himself with the medical staff in the ICU. He posted a message of gratitude, saying, “Thank you to the Renowned Medical ICU team for starting me on this (treatment) journey.”