Amber Heard’s defense attorney was a Johnny Depp fan! Past footage of her chasing after Johnny is making headlines.


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Amber Heard’s defense attorney is rumored to be a “secret fan” of Johnny Depp.


A defamation lawsuit currently being held in a Virginia courtroom, brought by actor Johnny Depp against his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard.



Amber’s defense attorney may be a fan of Johnny’s.


The trial has become a quagmire, with shocking revelations being made daily, but now there are suspicions that Amber’s lawyer, who is supposed to be in an adversarial relationship with Johnny, may be a Johnny fan.


It all started with a video on the video sharing app “TikTok” by a fanatic fan of Johnny’s. The video was uploaded to TikTok by Johnny’s fan. It was taken when Johnny attended the premiere screening of “The Lone Ranger” in London in 2013.

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As Johnny walked the red carpet, a familiar face was seen in the video among the fans crowded behind a barricade.


The Internet immediately began identifying this person. It turned out to be Amber’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoeft.


The hashtag “#JusticeForJohnny” is currently being spread on TikTok, and the video has been viewed 244,560 times. For Johnny’s fans, his statement is the truth, and some of them even speculate that defense attorney Elaine Bredehoeft is somehow plotting to prove Johnny’s innocence.


In the video posted this time, a commenter teasingly asked, “Isn’t even Amber’s team leaning toward Johnny?” In response to this comment, some people asked, “What if she is intentionally putting Johnny at a disadvantage so that he will win? She likes him.” “Didn’t she become Amber’s lawyer because she wanted to meet Johnny?” The exchange goes something like this.