Johnny Depp’s defense team, gut-punched! Ex-wife Amber Heard unexpectedly misspoke on the witness stand… The “Kate Moss staircase case” that gave Johnny’s side an instant advantage…?


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Johnny Depp’s lawyer was only too happy that Amber Heard mentioned Kate Moss’s name on the witness stand.


A trial is currently underway in a Virginia courtroom in which actor Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, for defamation of character.



Johnny Depp’s lawyer was only happy that Amber Heard mentioned Kate Moss’s name on the witness stand.

Recently, Amber Heard also took the stand herself and emotionally complained about how much she has been treated during her relationship and marriage to Johnny, but Johnny’s lawyers are happy about this situation because some of this information is incorrect.


On Thursday, May 5, Amber said in her testimony that in 2015, she once punched Johnny in the face because she was afraid he was going to push Amber’s sister Whitney down the stairs. At this time, Amber said that her mind instantly thought of the “Kate Moss staircase incident.”


The “Kate Moss staircase incident” is a rumor that Johnny may have pushed Kate Moss down the stairs when they were dating in the 1990s.


However, this is only a rumor, and it is usually not permissible to bring up in court any information that may not be relevant to the current case.


If the case is admitted as testimony, Johnny’s side may call Kate in court in the future. If they can get testimony that the “staircase incident” is “not true,” they believe they can use this to cross-examine Amber.


There is also a possibility that Johnny’s side could bring up Amber’s misconduct in the past if past allegations unrelated to this trial are admitted.


In 2009, Amber was once accused of domestic violence by Tasha Van Ree, with whom she was dating at the time. The trial was later dropped on the grounds that it was a misunderstanding by Tasha Van Lee, but it is quite possible that Johnny’s side will dig up this allegation again after this “Kate Moss incident” statement.