The “men’s” anxiety about the beach scene in ” Top Gun Maverick ” is too funny.


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Glen Powell, who played the role of a hangman in “Top Gun Maverick,” revealed some interesting facts about the preparation for the beach scene that was recreated in the film.



The beach scene recreated in “Top Gun Maverick.


Top Gun Maverick,” the 36-year-old sequel to the 1986 film Top Gun, is the biggest hit in the history of Tom Cruise’s career, who turned 60 this year. One of the reasons for its success is the respect and love for the previous film, and director Joseph Kosinski, who took over the baton from Tony Scott, included many homages to the previous film in the film.


Among them is the “beach scene”! The scene where Maverick and Goose play beach volleyball in the first film is one of the most famous scenes, and it is revived in the sequel as a beach football scene.


The physical beauty of the cast playing the military pilots has been talked about since the trailer was released. Even without this scene, the actors would have been physically fit anyway, considering their roles, but it seems that the pressure was greatest on the actors to be naked. Glen Powell, who played Hangman, revealed the following behind-the-scenes story in an interview with Extra in 2020.




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‘I don’t know how much male anxiety there is about taking your shirt off. The gym was packed day and night. I’ve never seen that much anxiety. Not once. The night we shot that scene, we all went out for milkshakes and tater tots, played fancy and drank beer. But a week later Tom said, ‘Guys. We have to shoot that scene again. It wasn’t good. We’re going to have to shoot it again. Then everyone went back to the gym day and night.


Anyway, the actors seemed to be working extremely hard on their muscle training. I can only imagine how painful it must have been for them to be told they had to shoot again just when they thought they were released from the pressure of the day.


Miles Teller, who plays Rooster, has become especially popular in this scene, and Miles’ wife, model Kelleigh Sperry, uses TikTok and Instagram to find fan posts about her husband and laugh at them.


Other actors also made an effort, but Glenn said in an interview with ET that “that scene was Miles’,” and Jay Ellis, who plays Payback, commented that “that was Miles Teller’s specialty,” so he was satisfied with the results.