Winona Ryder’s “How I got back on my feet” after breakup with Johnny Depp, feeling life…


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Winona Ryder has a history of being engaged to Johnny Depp, who she co-starred with in Scissorhands. But in Winona’s mind, the memory of her first big love affair is a good one.



Winona Ryder, 1989 Encounter.


Winona Ryder, best known for her role in the drama Stranger Things, fell in love at first sight with Johnny Depp at the premiere of the 1989 film Great Balls of Fire. They did not speak that night, but in a 1991 interview with Rolling Stone, Johnny said of the night he met Winona, “I was about to have a Coke. It was classic love at first sight. The lens zoomed in like in ‘West Side Story,’ and everything else (except Winona) was a blur,” he said.


A mutual friend then brought them face to face and they began dating. In addition, their film together, “Scissorhands,” released in 1990, was a huge hit.

Breakup in 1993


The couple got engaged in 1990, five months after they started dating, and spent about four years together; the details of their breakup are unclear, but it was difficult for the famous actors to be together in the limelight.


In a 1993 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Johnny said, “It’s very hard to have a personal life in this city…. My relationship with Winona is my mistake for being as open (to the public) as we were in our own relationship.”


Winona told in 2000, “Breakups are painful for everyone. But it is especially hard when it is documented and you see pictures of the other person everywhere”. Modern readers who have published photos and videos of their loved ones on social networking sites or have seen photos and videos of the other person even after the breakup will understand this feeling.


Incidentally, it is well known that Johnny got a tattoo “Winona forever” (Winona Forever) while dating Winona and revised it to “Wino forever (Drinker Forever)” after their breakup.

How Winona Ryder got back on her feet after a rough patch


In an interview with in 2000, Winona said, “My relationship with Johnny was my first real relationship. That kind of intense and deep love…. But isn’t that what first love is all about?” He also recalled his younger days of romance. Some of these memories include rough days because of the pain of the breakup. However, she was able to change her mind after one incident.


She said, “I tried for two weeks to become an alcoholic. I spent time in the hotel room where I was staying, drank a lot of screwdrivers (cocktails) from the bar in the room, smoked cigarettes, and listened to Tom Waits. One night I fell asleep with a cigarette lit and woke up to a burning fire. I haven’t gone over to the dark side since. That was my “wake-up call.

*An event that wakes you up.


There are moments when it is hard and you don’t know what to do, and you try to rough it up, but then you just “let it go. It may be hard when you are in the middle of it, but over time it can become a good memory. Winona talked about looking back on her love affair with Johnny with a good feeling.


It’s nice to be able to look back on a past love without feeling sick to your stomach or itchy or heartbroken or hated,” she said. Don’t you think? You have to go through those feelings for a few years after a breakup, and after my engagement to Johnny broke up 10 years ago, I was very depressed. It was an embarrassingly dramatic reaction at the time. But I was 19 years old.”




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However, not a single event can completely revive a person. In a recent interview with Harper’s bazaar, she said that at the time, she was like a “17-year-old chart. The film, in which she starred, tells the story of a group of girls in a mental hospital.


But as the years went by, Winona, now 50 years old, has had a successful career, including a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Joyce, the main character in the drama “Stranger Things. Her breakup with Johnny and the many experiences she has gone through in her personal life make one realize that life is long.