What are some of the things Prince George “won’t be able to do” once he turns 12, and why on earth?


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What are the things that Prince George of the British Royal Family will “no longer be able to do” as before when he turns 12?



What are the royal rules that apply when Prince George turns 12?


Prince George of the British Royal Family recently celebrated his 9th birthday. Prince George, whose parents are Prince William and Princess Catherine, is destined by fate to become the future King of the United Kingdom.


He is already aware of this fact and understands what it means. He is actively learning about his ancestors and the history of the United Kingdom in preparation for “that moment,” and says that he is “taking everything seriously” at such a young age. Prince George is a unique member of the royal family. For reasons unique to the royal family, there are certain things that Prince George will not be able to do once he turns 12.


As many of you know, the British Royal Family has various rules, and the Royal Family acts in accordance with those rules. In the royal family, two or more heirs to the throne are basically not allowed to board a plane together in case of emergency. However, an exception is made when the children are small, and they can board the same plane with Queen Elizabeth’s permission.

However, according to The Express, Queen Elizabeth’s permission is only granted until the child is 12 years old, and once Prince George turns 12, he and his father, Prince William, will not be able to board the plane together. This is also true for Prince William and his father, Prince Charles, as well as for Prince Charles and his mother, Queen Elizabeth, when they travel.


Incidentally, Prince William and Princess Catherine frequently use helicopters as a means of transportation, but Queen Elizabeth is not very happy about this for safety reasons, and recently expressed her concerns directly to Prince William and his wife. However, shortly thereafter, Prince William and his family used the helicopter again for their vacation, and The Express reports that the Queen intends to “summon” Prince William and his wife in the near future.