Shohei Ohtani of the Angels: “The first accomplishment in 104 years! The 28-year-old’s “love life” and “four women” are attracting attention in


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Shohei Ohtani of the Angels made a start against the Athletics on August 10 (Japan time), and became the first player since Babe Ruth to record double-digit wins and double-digit home runs in 104 years.


MLB’s official website said, “It was a really great show. The MLB official website praised the accomplishment, saying, “It’s truly a great show. Otani tied Ruth and surpassed Ichiro in the same game.



 Otani is now 28 years old. His “love life” is also attracting more and more attention.


When we interviewed his father Toru in May 2021, he said, “I’ve never heard of him getting married,” and a neighborhood resident who is close to Otani’s mother also said at the time, “Shohei is a bit of an oxymoron. A neighborhood resident who is close to Otani’s mother also said at the time, “When Shohei was in high school, his mother said, ‘Shohei doesn’t have a girlfriend. She laughed and said, ‘Shohei doesn’t have a girlfriend when he was in high school.


When Shohei was a member of the Nippon Ham baseball team, models and female announcers approached him through other players and asked him to come to a blind date, but he used the time to train and sleep, so he never attended.


He said, “As for women, I don’t like female announcers and entertainers because they are too flashy. My preference is for sincere and modest girls. And she also likes smart girls.


When asked persistently what his type was, he once brushed off the question by saying that he liked the child actress Ashida Mana. He answered, “I don’t have a girlfriend, and I don’t have any candidates.

(Reporter in charge)” Later, Otani crossed the ocean to challenge MLB. The “dating” allegations were repeatedly made against Maiko Kano, 32, a former member of the Japanese national volleyball team. However, this too has fizzled out.


Kano is six years Otani’s senior. They didn’t get along because of the age difference,” said a reporter for a sports newspaper.


The person who brought the two together was Megumi Omae, a nutritionist for Meiji Corporation who provides nutritional support to many athletes, including the Japanese high school baseball team. Ms. Kano, who was an Otani fan, was introduced to Otani through Ms. Omae.


As word of this story spread, many women came to Ms. Omae asking her to introduce them to Otani (laugh). (Laughs.) Unfortunately, however, there is no information that Kano and Otani are still in a relationship.


 There are also several local women who have been “allegedly” involved in relationships.

One of the most famous is Alex Curry, who belongs to the sports broadcaster FОX Sports. She is popular as a glamorous and beautiful reporter, and it is a well-known story that she went around asking baseball team officials and media representatives to introduce Otani to them.


Curry married the musician in 2016. The married woman’s aggressive “carnal coverage” was quite remarkable. But in the summer of 2021, he was removed from the assignment, and he left the Angels.”


A Puerto Rican softball player was also on the short list.


“Several ‘Who is Shohei’s girlfriend?’ articles were posted right before the 2021 All-Star game. One of those articles often featured a beautiful softball player named ‘Kamalani Dun. She is from Hawaii and is a very talented player who pitches for Puerto Rico. She posted a photo of her and Otani embracing on Instagram, which led to rumors that they might be dating.


However, Kamalani posted the photo in July 2018. However, Ms. Kamalani posted the photo in July 2018, which is very old information.


Kamalani herself later posted on Twitter, “I really want to know who told the magazine that I am dating Otani. In effect, he is denying that he is dating. This is probably an expression of the local fans’ desire to know about Otani’s relationships with women, no matter how trivial the information may be.


Furthermore, in April 2021, this magazine caught the “shadow” of a Japanese woman in Otani’s vicinity. The magazine also caught sight of a Japanese woman “shadowing” Otani in his neighborhood in April 2021.


Shohei wears an Angels hat every time we see him in the store. Sometimes he comes with a woman. My friend says she looks like a Japanese woman. He always looks kind and is a ‘nice person'” (a regular customer at a local supermarket).


Who will win the heart of “Otani, the Major Leaguer”? ……