Johnny Depp gets his first look as Louis XV! First movie appearance since his trial, wearing a colorfully embroidered crown…


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The first look of Johnny Depp, who plays Louis XV in the new film “Jeanne du Barry,” has been released. This will be his first role since the controversial Amber Heard trial.



This is Johnny’s first major role since the trial ended.


Johnny is one of the most well-known actors, but recently his defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber, has been a major topic of discussion. Amber was on trial for implying in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed that she was a victim of domestic abuse, and Johnny won the case.





Shortly after the trial ended, Johnny began acting again in the film “Jeanne du Barry,” which began shooting in France at the end of July. The film is about Jeanne, a young working-class woman who climbs the social ladder with various charms and eventually catches the eye of Louis XV. The film is Johnny’s first major role since his trial ended, and many are eagerly awaiting his return as an actor.


This image, reported by Variety, shows Johnny in profile as Louis XV, wearing a wig and a colorfully embroidered crown. The character curiously wears a black blindfold around his eyes, which may have something to do with the plot of the film.


Speaking of Johnny, after the trial, he collaborated with guitarist Jeff Beck and toured with him for several months. Johnny also sold his artwork for millions of dollars. She has also begun to take an active role in a new mini-movie titled “Adventurer’s Game” for the “Sea of Dawn” mobile game.


Will “Jeanne du Barry” be the big kicker for Johnny’s comeback?