Shaving off all eyebrows during a live broadcast! Doja Cat is too bold.


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Rapper Doja Cat shaved off all of her eyebrows during a live Instagram stream.



Doja Cat’s eyebrows are so stylish!


Doja Cat, who recently released her song “Kiss Me More” featuring Naomi Watanabe to celebrate the first anniversary of the release of her album “Planet Her,” has tried various hairstyles.

One of her favorites is the buzz cut. Buzz cuts have become more and more common among celebrities over the past few years, and Doja has shaved her head several times.


But this time, Doja even shaved off her eyebrows while she was doing a live Instagram feed, ignoring the viewers.

Doja put shaving foam on her eyebrows and carefully shaved them with a shaver. In this live broadcast, she revealed, “I never liked having hair,” and told the audience how she had never once thought, “This is cool,” since the beginning of her life.


It also seems to be due to the fact that she often uses wigs. “Even when I work out, I can’t concentrate because I’m more concerned about how I look. Like how my hair looks and how it adheres to my scalp,” she said.


After shaving her eyebrows completely this time, Doja has been drawing her own eyebrows in any shape she likes, and enjoys arranging them in heart and flower motifs.




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