Princess Meghan breaks a “promise” she made when she first met Queen Elizabeth


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Meghan made a promise to Queen Elizabeth when they met for the first time, but it seems that she ended up breaking that promise.



What did Meghan “promise” to Queen Elizabeth?


In “Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait,” former politician and royal biographer Giles Brandreth reveals that Meghan, wife of Prince Harry of the United Kingdom, made a promise when she first met Queen Elizabeth, Harry’s grandmother.


According to Brandreth, Queen Elizabeth, who initially had a favorable impression of Meghan, did everything she could to welcome her future granddaughter-in-law and even told her that she could continue acting* after she joined the royal family if she so desired.

Meghan Markle was an actor until her marriage to Prince Harry. Her most famous work is the drama “Suits.

However, Princess Meghan politely declined Queen Elizabeth’s proposal, saying she was ready to fulfill her royal duties. The following is from Brandreth’s book, “Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait.


Meghan was ready to fulfill her royal duties, and the Queen was pleased with that. She was particularly pleased with the enthusiasm Meghan had shown for the Commonwealth and the promise she had made to the Queen to ‘do whatever we feel we should do for the Commonwealth. She (Meghan) promised the Queen that she would not disappoint Her Majesty about the Commonwealth. The Queen liked Meghan and told many people so.”


Meghan entered the royal family with such strong determination, but due to persistent attacks by the media and discord within the royal family, in March 2020, she and her husband, Prince Harry, resigned as senior members (senior royals) and moved to the United States, far away from the royal family. As a result, they broke their promise to Queen Elizabeth to “give priority to the Commonwealth.


According to Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare,” the first meeting between Meghan and Queen Elizabeth was not planned, but was decided in a hurry. Meghan met Queen Elizabeth in what she called “normal clothes” because she did not have time to change, and she seemed to regret her overly casual attire. I could see that Meghan regretted her jeans and black sweater. I also regretted my shabby trousers,” she recalled in Spare.