Produced by Michael Bay! The trailer for the pandemic thriller “Songbird” has been released! A pandemic has the city on lockdown, and even contact with loved ones is forbidden…


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Songbird,” a terrifying pandemic thriller produced by “Hollywood’s King of Destruction” Michael Bay, will open in theaters in Japan on October 7 (Friday) at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya and other locations. A new poster visual and trailer for the film have now been released.



A world that we humans may face in the near future


The new poster visual features a large silhouette of a bird in the center of a gray background, which conveys a sense of urgency, and the expressions of each cast member can be seen in the silhouette, each in a striking mix of different colors. The film also includes the copy “This is a wake-up call for the future,” which, coincidentally, is the first time that a pandemic thriller has become a realistic possibility for those of us who have experienced the threat of the new coronavirus. The visuals are not a figment of our unrealistic imagination, but rather a reminder of the world that we may face in the near future, which is right around the corner in this day and age!

The trailer released along with the film begins with a shocking scene in which a man at gunpoint raises his hand and says, “I am immune,” while the city is on lockdown and curfew is in effect due to the pandemic. Prohibited from even having contact with loved ones, the Immunized serve as deliverymen, delivering essential supplies, which are then disinfected with infrared light before being received. The temperature is taken daily, and if the body temperature is too high, it is automatically reported, and the infected are forcibly placed in an isolation camp called the Q Zone. The world has become a strictly controlled society, a dystopia. The film cuts to the scene of a man who is suspected of infecting his girlfriend and is almost forced to be imprisoned in an isolation facility, as he defies the organization in search of the only way to save her, and intense gun action. In that world, is it as the immune one wants it to be? The film is an entertainment epic in which we search for a ray of hope to “live” in a world of stagnation and no end in sight. The film’s release is anxiously awaited.




Nico, a courier who is immune to the virus, falls in love during lockdown and dreams of one day being able to see and touch his girlfriend Sarah, with whom he shares his love through doors and smartphones. However, as the threat of the virus continues to grow, Sarah’s infection is suspected, and she is about to be quarantined in a facility called the “Q Zone”. Amidst the whirlwind of organizational intrigue, Nico desperately runs through the devastated city of Los Angeles in search of the only way to save Sara…