Nickelodeon, the U.S. children’s channel under fire, and Ariana Grande’s past videos from the channel are also a cause for concern! Fans pointed out the contents of the video, “When you watch it as an adult, you can understand what they are trying to do.


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Amidst the controversial accusations regarding the American children’s channel Nickelodeon, Ariana Grande’s past footage has drawn the attention of fans.



Ariana herself is a victim.


It all started with a revelation by former Nickelodeon actress Jennette McCurdy in her memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died.


As a teenager, Jennette McCurdy, who appeared on the channel’s popular drama “iCarly,” accused the production staff of forcing her to drink, treating her like a sexual harasser, and offering to pay her “hush money.


In the meantime, Ariana Grande, who once appeared with Jennette in the “iCarly” spin-off drama “Sam & Cat,” has been receiving concerns from fans.


A Twitter user who goes by the name “Kalia” recently posted a video of Ariana playing the main character Cat Valentine in the drama “Victorious” and its spin-off web drama “The Slap”. The Twitter user accused her portrayal in the drama of being “sexual” in her eyes.

Ariana Grande being sexualized on Victorious for 2 minutes straight

In the video posted by this user, Kat, played by Ariana, is recorded sucking her toes, leaning over the bed, saying “I’m thirsty,” splashing water on her face and chest, and sticking her fingers in her mouth.


The user said that he did not understand why Ariana was also criticized for Jennette’s accusations, and added, “Don’t forget, Ariana is a victim herself. That Ariana herself is a victim. There’s a reason why she won’t talk about Cat Valentine. The producers treated her like a ‘child who doesn’t know anything’ and portrayed her in a ‘sexual’ light,” she complained.


Other users who saw the post said, “When I see it as an adult, I understand their intentions. It’s disgusting,” and “The adults who put her through this performance should be ashamed of themselves.


The Post has reached out to Ariana’s representatives for comment on these fan comments, but has not received a response.