Maneskin, Victoria’s Message in Topless Stage Costume


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The Italian rock band Maneskin has been the talk of the town since their first solo show in Japan and their performance at Summer Sonic 2022. Bassist Victoria de Angelis wore a topless outfit for their performance in Japan, as usual, but what did she have in mind?



Maneskin performs in Japan for the first time


After their first visit to Japan last week and their first solo performance in Japan on August 18 at the Toyosu Pit, Italian rock band Maneskin performed at Summer Sonic 2022, which was held in Tokyo and Osaka on August 20 and 21.





The performance at Summer Sonic Tokyo drew a large crowd from the arena of ZOZO Marine Stadium, where the stage was located, to the second floor of the stands. Vocalist Damiano, who had too strong a presence as the front man, led the audience with his Japanese shouts. The band performed a passionate stage performance of their representative songs that have become well known in Japan, from “ZITTI E BUONI” to “MAMMAMIA,” “SUPERMODEL,” “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE,” and many more.


All four members of Maneskin are known for giving interviews to the media, and as is typical for such a group, all four were the stars of the stage. The members, each clad in their own strong charisma, impressed the audience with their performances, which were 100% their own pure, Europe-conquering selves, while having fun first and foremost.


Victoria’s topless on stage is a rebellion against sexual consumption.


And of course, bassist Victoria de Angelis’ topless outfit was alive and well on stage here in Japan. Victoria is known for performing with her tops off, with her nipples covered with tape, and this familiar look appeared during her performance at Summer Sonic Tokyo.

The reason Victoria dresses and performs in this way is to confront the fact that the female body is always the object of sexual consumption. In an interview with GQ in 2021, Victoria said that she would like to be topless.


In an interview with GQ in 2021, Victoria said about dressing topless: “The female body has always been sexualized. I think that’s the worst thing, and I think everyone should be able to be themselves and look the way they want to look. That’s why I have to cover my nipples,” she said.


It is a double standard that men have no problem showing their nipples in public, but women are seen as a problem, but what lies behind this double standard is the fact that women’s bodies have been sexualized. Victoria, who has rebelled against this fact, says that the gender norm of “what a girl should be” has not felt right to her since she was a child. I rode skateboards, wore my hair short, and dressed boyishly. I didn’t wear skirts, not because I didn’t like them, but because I wanted to assert my identity,” she told the Italian edition of Elle in 2021.


Victoria, whose childhood idols were female rock stars such as Kim Gordon, told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera about why she looked up to them. I admire women who have played an important role in a field where masculine behavior has been the norm,” she said.


Victoria has been performing in her own unique costumes, rebelling against the male-dominated society that has “forced” her to hide her nipples. In addition to her costumes, Maneskin is known for protesting against social oppression, with all four members wearing gender-free costumes and the male members kissing each other at a performance in Poland, a country that tends to be oppressive toward LGBTQ+ people. Maneskin maintained this attitude on stage in Japan.