Lea Michele stars in the latest promotional video for the much-talked-about Broadway musical “Funny Girl”! Lea shows off her stunningly beautiful voice!


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The latest promotional video for “Funny Girl,” starring Lea Michele, has been released for the first time, showing off her stunning singing voice.


The promotional video is entirely in black and white. The background music is “I’m the Greatest Star,” which Lea sings herself.



Lea Michele, who plays the lead role in the film, sings beautifully.


The official “Funny Girl” Twitter account that released the video said, “A role of a lifetime: starting September 6, Lea Michele will join the cast of ‘Funny Girl’ as Fanny Brice. See you at the August Wilson Theatre, everyone!

Funny Girl” is a Broadway musical that premiered in 1964. It is a semi-autobiographical story of the comedienne Fanny Brice, and was even made into a movie in 1968. At the time, the actress Barbra Streisand played the role of Fanny Blythe in both the stage and theater versions.


The role of Fanny Blythe was played by actress Beanie Feldstein, known for her role in “Book Smart: The Party Debut on the Eve of Graduation,” in the play that began in April of this year, but she abruptly announced her resignation in July. Beanie Feldstein stated that the reason for this was that the stage production had decided to go in a different direction.


The next day, it was announced that Leah would be playing the role of Fanny Blythe. Leah has long aspired to play this role, and has often performed songs from the musical drama “Glee,” in which she starred.


On her Instagram page, Leah said, “This is a dream come true. I am so honored to be working with this amazing cast and crew and to be back on the Broadway stage as Fanny Brice. See you all on September 6! She wrote in a message full of joy.