Johnny Depp Makes Surprise Appearance at MTV VMAs, Says He “Needed the Work” in “Unexpected Appearance


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Actor Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards (MTV VMAs). He joked that he “needed to work,” and drew laughter when he “didn’t expect to be there.



Johnny Depp appeared at the MTV VMAs dressed as the iconic Moon Person.


Actor Johnny Depp, known for his “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series, made a surprise appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards (MTV VMAs) held on August 28 (local time), wowing the audience.


Johnny dressed as Moon Person, the iconic character of the MTV VMAs and the motif of the trophy.

In fact, it had been rumored before the event that Johnny would appear dressed as Moon Person, but many fans were skeptical. Johnny, who appeared at the event by using digital technology to project his face inside a helmet, said, “Well, I needed a job,” “Birthday, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, wedding, anything. Anything. Oh, and I’m also a dentist,” he joked, drawing laughter from the audience.

Johnny had been sidelined from Hollywood for a while due to a protracted legal battle with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, but the tide turned in June this year when he won a lawsuit against Amber for defamation of character. Although not a full recovery, this MTV VMA appearance was a big step toward a comeback for Johnny.




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Incidentally, Moonperson was known as Moonman until around 2017, but his name was officially changed to Moonperson, which does not specify gender, in 2018, because gender is not relevant for astronauts.