Anime is taking the NBA by storm after the NFL! Players Reveal Amazing “Popularity” of Anime


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Japanese anime is gaining popularity even in the NBA.



Zion Williamson loves “Naruto.


Zion Williamson, a member of the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans, is a big anime fan. He is especially fond of “Naruto,” and has even collaborated with Jordan Brand on a pair of “Zion 1” sneakers.


Even though “Naruto” is a popular work, there are many other works that are popular overseas, such as “Dragon Ball” and ” Attack on Titan,” but he is particularly fond of “Naruto. However, he seems to be particularly fond of “Naruto,” and there is a reason for that.


He says of the Naruto story, “For a long time, no one took Naruto seriously. Then he went to Jiraiya and trained with him. Then, at the age of 16, he came back as the best,” he sums up. He adds, “I was 16 and all of a sudden I was the center of attention. I remember thinking, “Seriously, this is crazy. It happened to me at the same age that it happened to Naruto,” he said, revealing that he has feelings for Naruto because he is like him.


Anime Whirlwind in the NBA!

According to him, there are quite a few anime-loving players in the NBA these days. The percentage is a whopping 80%! However, the players do not admit that they like anime.


However, this may not be so surprising. In America’s National Football League, the NFL, it is already well known that players are anime fans, especially ” Attack on Titan,” and one player, Joey Bosa of the Los Angeles Chargers, even posed as if he were offering his heart during a game! Furthermore, a tribute image was created before the Super Bowl, the NFL’s pinnacle game.


The anime has captured the hearts and minds of American athletes. That is why Zion has been able to continue his efforts with the help of “NARUTO” even when he injured his leg and was going through a difficult time. He says that his current situation is similar to the situation in “Naruto” when Sasuke falls into darkness. This is not because Zion resembles Sasuke, but because he sympathizes with Naruto, who suffered from the pressure of having to save Sasuke.


He says, “It’s been very hard so far. I can sit here and describe it, but no one else can feel the way I do. You can’t break a leg and magically fix it. This hurts me. I love the game of basketball. But I experience hate and pain from strangers every day because of it. It weighs heavily on me.


This statement makes one worry about Zion, but from now on he will have friends on the court as well; many NBA players write the names of their family members on their shoes as a kind of on-court good-luck charm. And Zion has a collaboration shoe with “Naruto. He said, “What I have overcome to get to where I am now, and what I am going through to this day. Naruto has always been there and will always be there,” he said.