Selena Gomez is Surprised by the “Exclusive Items” Placed in the Drama in which She Stars


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On August 23, the Season 2 finale of the drama “Only Murders in the Building” was distributed exclusively in Japan on Disney Plus. We were surprised by what we saw in the photo released by Selena Gomez, the star of the show, to commemorate the final episode.



It’s up for 17 Emmy nominations! Only Murders in the Building


The mystery comedy “Only Murders in the Building” is available on Hulu in the US and Disney Plus in Japan. Season 2 of the popular series, for which Season 1 was nominated in 17 categories at the 74th Emmy Awards ceremony on September 12, finally reached its finale the other day.


The final episode, in which the lead trio, Mabel (Selena Gomez), Charles (Steve Martin), and Oliver (Martin Sheen), devised a plan to expose the real culprit, became so popular that the name of the drama trended on Twitter in the US.


Season 2 Trailer

To celebrate the season finale, Selena Gomez released five memorable photos from the set. They include her taking a break from filming in a recliner, rehearsals, and even a friendly hug scene with Steve and Martin, but what you should pay attention to is what you see in the first photo.




Selena Gomez(@selenagomez)がシェアした投稿

Standing to the left of Selena, who is sitting in a recliner in a Ralph Lauren gown, is a hand sanitizer with the name of “Mabel Mora,” the character Selena plays, painted on it… hand sanitizer! It is normal for a set to have “my” items such as chairs with the names of the performers painted on them, but to even have a hand sanitizer is a sign of the times.


It was also impressive that Selena was wearing UGGs in all the photos in which her feet were visible. Selena has been famous for her love of UGGs for a long time, and it seems that even on the set of the photo shoot, she is all about UGGs.


The drama “Only Murders in the Building” starring Selena is now available exclusively in Japan on Disney Plus. Season 3 of the drama is also in the works.