Female celebrities are outraged by Maroon 5 Female celebrities are outraged by Maroon 5 Adam Levine’s comments denying cheating! Don’t speak for your wife.” Some even expressed sympathy for the woman with whom he was having an affair.’s comments denying cheating! Don’t speak for your wife.” Some even expressed sympathy for the woman with whom he was having an affairm


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Female celebrities are reacting to reports that Adam Levine, frontman of the popular band Maroon 5, is having an affair.


Adam Levine started dating popular model Behati Prinsloo in 2012 and married her in 2014; they have two children together, and Behati recently announced that she is pregnant with their long-awaited third child.



Female celebrities have also reacted to reports of Adam Levine’s infidelity with the frontman of the popular band Maroon 5.


In the midst of all this, Instagrammer and model Sumner Stroh, who had an affair with Adam for nearly a year, posted a revealing video on TikTok.


In the video, Sumner shows a flirty DM exchange with Adam. It was also revealed that Adam was going to name his third child, who is in his wife Behati’s belly, the same name as Sumner, with whom he had an affair.


Sumner said, “I was young and naive at the time,” and “Adam exploited me,” and in a separate video, he revealed that he was not a victim and that he sympathized with his wife, Behati.


Adam then released a statement. After admitting that he had crossed the line with Sumner, he denied that he had cheated on her. He clarified that he would continue to repair his relationship with his family.


After Adam’s denial of cheating, other international celebrities also reacted.


Krishelle Stauss of the popular Netflix reality show “Selling Sunset” commented, “I hate it when a guy publicly apologizes for cheating and says, ‘We’ll get over it together. You don’t have to speak for your wife. That’s enough,” she said, bashing Adam’s comment.

Sarah Foster, an American actress, claimed that the affair was not only Adam’s fault but also that of Sumner’s. “Cheating is really disgusting,” she said. She said, “Cheating is really sickening,” and “This woman who chose to buzz the video…she should have just sent a personal message to Adam. To put it out there for the world to see for Behati, who is pregnant…we have no sympathy for you. You knew this man was married and you did that”.


Meanwhile, popular model Emily Ratakowski, who filed for divorce from husband Sebastian Bear-McClard earlier this month, believes that Sumner, the woman with whom she had an affair, is also a victim.


She responded to Sarah Foster’s comments by saying, “I don’t understand why a woman who is just under 20 years old continues to blame women for the mistakes of men when she is dealing with a man in a position of power twice her age.” ‘If you are in a relationship, you have an obligation to be faithful. It’s not good to blame the other woman, and that’s exactly what they are designed to do to keep women apart.”