Maroon 5’s Adam Levine Caught Having an Affair, Two More Women Reveal His “Outrageous” Exchanges


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Adam Levine, frontman of the popular band Maroon 5. The influencer and model Sumner Stroh revealed that Adam had an affair with her, and two more women also revealed their “out” interactions with him, Page Six reports.



I shouldn’t be talking to you, you know that, don’t you?


Immediately after Sumner Stroh’s revelation, a woman named Allison Rozef posted a direct message exchange with Adam on TikTok. One of the messages, allegedly sent to her by Adam, read, “You know I shouldn’t be talking to you, right? Alison said that she and Adam had been talking a lot more. Allison claimed to have many more messages with Adam, but decided not to share them because they were “not appropriate. She commented that she “didn’t feel comfortable posting them all.”




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Allison added, “A lot of my friends knew and were shocked,” and “If another girl had this experience with him … I just feel really bad for his wife and I think it should be posted because no one should have to go through this.”


However, Allison has since deleted the TikTok video that exposed her.


The other woman is comedian Marika. She revealed her DMs with Adam on her Instagram story. It began with a message from Adam that read, “I’m crazy about you right now,” and when Marieka wrote, “I think we’re married,” Adam responded, “Yes, but it’s a little complicated,”


Adam does not mention the “allegations” they are claiming at this time, but he denies Sumner Stroh’s allegations of infidelity. I’ve had all kinds of flirtatious conversations with people other than my wife, and I’ve been judgmental,” Adam said via his Instagram story. ‘I did not commit adultery. Nonetheless, I crossed the line at an unfortunate time in my life,” he continued.