Armie Hammer, Ousted from the Industry for Dangerous DM Leak, His Ex-Wife Elizabeth Chambers Finally Gives Interview! ‘It was hell for our family’


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After being forced out of the industry for leaking compromising direct mail, actor Armie Hammer’s ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers has finally given an interview to the media.


In 2021, actor Armie Hammer, known for “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and “Call Me By Your Name,” sent a series of leaked direct messages to several women in which he described his unusual sexual habits. In the DMs, Hammer wrote, “I am 100% cannibalistic” and “I want to drink your blood.” He was suspected of cannibalism and was also accused of sexual assault, and he dropped a series of movies in which he was scheduled to appear and left the stage.



In an interview with Elizabeth Chambers, the ex-wife of the actor Armie Hammer, she has become a topic of conversation.


In an interview with E! News, Elizabeth Chambers, who was married to Armie for 10 years, revealed that the past two years have been “hell” for the family since the incident.

In the interview, Elizabeth said, “I consider myself a feminist and I hope to stand in solidarity with and heal (no) any victims. I cannot say, ‘My life is wonderful. For a long time, my life has been hell,'” she said, revealing her own and her family’s suffering.


Army and Elizabeth married in 2010. They later welcomed two children, Harper, now 7, and Ford, 5, but announced their divorce in July 2020.


In the interview, Elizabeth also revealed that she is in constant contact with Army for the sake of their two young children, although she did not mention the specific allegations made against him.


‘The divorce isn’t finalized yet, but our relationship is wonderful. We talk all the time. We are committed to working together for the sake of our children as much as we can without romance. Children need their mothers and they need their fathers.”


Elizabeth also reveals that she has been supportive of Armie, and she even seems to hint that he has reformed, saying, “People change.


‘Armie is committed to his own healing. I am here to support that process. That will make him the best father and the best person he can be. Ultimately, that is our goal. We are in constant communication, and the important thing is that he is the best father he can be to his children.”


‘Time heals, but time alone doesn’t heal. We need to work through it. People are flawed. People make terrible mistakes. People change,” he adds.