That house from “Stranger Things” is up for sale! Already being talked about as a “sacred place


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A house that appeared in “Stranger Things” is up for sale.


The popular science fiction drama “Stranger Things,” which has been distributed through Season 4 on Netflix, tells the story of teenage boys and girls who confront supernatural phenomena and conspiracies in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the 1980s.



A house that appeared in “Stranger Things” is for sale.


The house for sale is a real building in Fayetteville, Georgia, which appeared as the Byers’ home in an earlier season of the show. The house, which has two bathrooms and three bedrooms, is currently listed on the real estate website Zillow with a selling price of $300,000. The summary section states that the home is “ideal for Airbnb, short-term rentals, or private residences.

The one-story house appeared five times in the first episode of Season 1, twice in Episode 4, and multiple times in Seasons 2 and 3.


The Zillow website contains several images of the house tucked away in the woods of Fayetteville, including not only the exterior and interior, but also a photo of a wall with the alphabet written on it and an eerie, pink-tinted photo of a shadowy, human-like figure at the front door, creating a unique atmosphere. The overall atmosphere of the exhibition is not clean. Overall, the building is not clean and “needs to be fully renovated.


The house has become famous among “Stranger Things” fans, and people visit the house on a daily basis to make a “pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The “Zillow” website also notes that “the owners had to barricade the driveway and put up private property signs to keep people from trespassing,” and adds a joke: “Don’t feed the demogorgon either!” the joke also added.


The next season, Season 5, will finally conclude “Stranger Things. If you live in this house, you will be immersed in the world forever.