Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink Lied to Get the Role of Max! She also confesses that she “didn’t like” the item that symbolizes Max at all!


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Actress Sadie Sink plays Max in the popular Netflix drama “Stranger Things. Sadie was cast in Season 2, but apparently told a “lie” during her audition.



Sadie Sink appeared as a guest on the popular talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on December 6.


There, she shared a story about her audition for “Stranger Things” at the age of 14.


Sadie recalls her audition

Sadie said, “I joined the show in season 2, but I had watched season 1 and was a fan. I was a fan of the show before I joined. My friends were into it too. I think I auditioned for the role of Max about four times. Then I went to the screen test, and that’s when I knew I got the part,” he said, adding that it was a long process to get the part.


Sadie revealed that after receiving an offer from the Duffer Brothers, the creators of the film, they immediately sent Sadie a skateboard. Max always has a skateboard in the drama and it is her iconic item.


Sadie said, “The day after I was cast as Max, the skateboard was sent to my house and I had to master how to ride it. I actually answered ‘I’ve rollerbladed before’ at the audition, but it was just a lie (laughs),” confessing that she lied because she wanted the role.


I had no idea how to ride, and I seriously didn’t like (skateboarding) at all. I got kicked around pretty big on the first day of practice, and that made me hate the whole thing already,” said Sadie. Although he loved his skateboard in the drama, Sadie did not like it.