[Qatar World Cup] A large number of fans gathered in front of Messi’s house! Argentine media was astonished by the chaotic situation, calling it “insanity.


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On December 18 (local time), the Argentina national team faced France, the previous World Cup champion, in the final of the Qatar World Cup. Messi, the captain of the Argentine team, scored two goals, and after a 3-3 penalty shootout, the Argentines won 4-2 to win the World Cup for the third time in nine tournaments since 1986, when Diego Maradona was the hero of the tournament. Argentina’s superstar, Rio Neruda, was the pride of the Argentinean team.



The “return” of Lionel Messi, the proud superstar of Argentina, was a great success.

The Argentine players returned to Japan on December 20, after winning the long-desired world championship. According to the official Twitter feed of local media TyC Sports, an estimated 4 million supporters turned out for the triumphant parade in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.


The media outlet published a video of the scene in its article. The video shows Messi’s car with his wife and fans chanting, and the text reads, “(Supporters) also followed Messi as he drove into his home. The text explains, “Supporters even followed [Messi] as he drove into his home, to the point where he had to be escorted by a security guard to enter the garage.


The country’s broadcaster, TNT Sports Argentina, also commented on the situation on its official Twitter page, saying, “This is insane. The Argentine captain was greeted by hundreds of fans when he arrived home,” the broadcaster continued, citing a video from the same location as “TyC Sports.


Argentina is bursting with joy at being crowned for the first time in 36 years. This tournament was positioned as Messi’s “last World Cup,” so it is not surprising that people are deeply moved. It seems that the domestic frenzy will not subside for some time to come.