World Cup Semifinals, First “Dream Showdown” in 32 Years?


Last Updated on 12/08/2022 by てんしょく飯


The top eight teams in the World Cup Soccer Tournament in Qatar have been eliminated, and expectations are growing for a head-to-head matchup between Argentina and Brazil.



This will be the first World Cup decider in 32 years, since Italy in 1990.

If Argentina and Brazil meet in the semifinals on December 13, it will be the first meeting between the two teams at the World Cup in 32 years, since the 1990 tournament in Italy. The world is eagerly awaiting the “dream match” between Messi and Neymar, who are colleagues at Paris Saint-Germain of France’s first division.


It is hard to find a card that is so eagerly awaited by fans around the world, with the rivalry between the two countries so intense. The relationship between the two countries is mired in a traumatic history that began with the debate over who was greater, Maradona (Argentina) or Pele (Brazil), the son of a god born in both countries.


The two countries have met four times in World Cup competitions, with Brazil leading the way with two wins, one draw, and one loss; the last three, in West Germany in 1974, Argentina in 1978, and Spain in 1982, clashed in league play, with Brazil winning 2-1, 0-0, and 3-1. 1, with Brazil winning 2-1, 0-0, and 3-1. On the other hand, the Italian tournament was the first time they met in the final tournament, with Maradona’s Argentina kicking out their rivals 1-0.


The 2014 tournament in Brazil was also the first time the two teams were on the verge of a final matchup. However, while both reached the semifinals, Brazil, without the injured Neymar, suffered a historic 1-7 defeat to Germany. The Messi-driven Argentina showdown was a mirage.


Thirty-two years have passed since the two teams met in the final tournament in Italy, and it is no surprise that the sense of hunger is at an all-time high. Adding to the colorful drama is the too glamorous side story of Messi and Neymar, who are both trying to win their first World Cup, with the 35-year-old Messi putting his all into his “last World Cup,” and the 30-year-old Neymar not having many chances left in the tournament.


After beating Brazil in the final of the South American Championships held in Brazil last year, Messi said, “I beat Brazil in the final, in their country. God gave me this moment,” he thanked God. Neymar, on the other hand, expressed his regret on his social networking site, saying, “Defeat hurts me,” and congratulated Messi for winning his first major title, saying, “The soccer world has been waiting for this moment.


Both quarterfinals will be played on December 9, with Argentina facing the Netherlands and Brazil facing Croatia. The two teams will not be distracted by the selfish noise of their surroundings, but will concentrate on their difficult matchups, which are only separated by a paper-thin margin. Will the “December 13th match,” which is a deadly contest for both teams and coveted by other countries, come to fruition?