[Disturbance Commentary] Criticized for Insulting Japanese, The 1975 Matthew Healy’s Podcast Show Under Fire


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The 1975 won the Brit Award 2023 for best rock/alternative act, as voted by their fans, and have sold out their Japan tour and announced an additional show. Fans are demanding an apology and explanation.


Matthew Healy Participates in an Hour-Long Discrimination and Bigotry Joke

The Adam Friedland Show, a podcast show featuring The 1975’s Matthew Healy, has caught fire and is trending on Twitter in the UK. The show is a talk show hosted by comedians Adam Friedland and Nick Mullen. The two stand-up comedians join guests on each episode to talk about black jokes and sarcasm filled topics that cannot be aired on TV.

Matthew appeared on the latest episode of the podcast (distributed on February 10), and in the 1 hour and 4 minute episode, he insulted Japanese and people of Hawaiian descent, made fun of child pornography and women’s menstruation, etc. Fans of The 1975 are demanding an apology and explanation for the terrible content. The 1975’s fans have demanded apologies and explanations. Many of the jokes came from the presenter, but Matthew was also strongly criticized for laughing with and taunting the presenter, as well as for being more socially influential than him.

What were the “jokes” about?

During the hour-and-a-quarter program, the two hosts and Matthew talked about a variety of topics.

When Matthew was about to discuss his direct message to up-and-coming American rapper Ice Spice on social networking sites, the host interrupted him to say that Ice Spice is of Inuit, Chinese, or Hawaiian descent (*Ice Spice’s parents are African-American and Jamaican). ‘s parents were African-American and Jamaican), and jokes were made that insulted the accents of each region. It was the host who made this joke, but Matthew laughed at it and continued the conversation by saying, “Oh yeah, Ice Spice is like that…”

When the betting website that sponsored this delivery episode was mentioned, the host joked, “You can see child pornography on this website,” to which Matthew replied, “Shout out!” and used the slang used to express goodwill and support.

When the topic of menstruation “shifts” when women are together, they talked about how menstruation is influenced by the power of the moon, and the three of them laughed at each other, saying “We (men) went to the moon” while the women were experiencing menstruation in the phases of the moon. When the moderator made a joke about the moon, they said, “Yes! That seriously fits!” Matthew was overjoyed, and in another scene, he said that Adam’s sisters are sexy and “get laid.

Then, in the second half, they talked about Japan for about 5 minutes.

Talking about Japan for less than 5 minutes, what was the content of the conversation?

The three talked about Japan for less than five minutes, starting with Logan Paul, who was under fire for posting a video on YouTube of him finding a suicide victim in the Sea of Trees in Fuji in 2017, which resulted in the termination of his special association with YouTube.

When Logan talked about the racist nuisances he had caused in Japan before finding the suicides, the moderator said, “I think Japan deserved it,” because of what the Japanese military did in China and Korea during World War II. They are racist,” he said. He continued, referring to Japan’s alliance with Nazi Germany, “I wonder if there were any Japanese men who worked in concentration camps (for Jews in Germany) as part of some sort of exchange program?” Matthew then asked, “I’d love to hear you do that imitation,” to which the presenter responded in Japanese accented English, “Please, get in the shower. The three of them laughed throughout the show. The host then made fun of the Japanese culture of taking off shoes indoors, and said, “I guess when they collect the body, they will take off their shoes and go into the room.

Matthew then said, “At a music show, people get excited at the beginning but quiet down during the performance. So it’s hard to judge whether you’re making a mistake or not, but everyone does it out of courtesy. I think that’s an interesting culture. Because Japan is the country that puts out the heaviest metal and the craziest sexual content, but at the same time it’s very repressed,” he argued. The moderator responded, “In the 1980s, Japan was the king of consumer electronics and cars, and its economy was growing. But the economy has declined, and now South Korea, the country with which Japan has the most racist sentiments, is ahead of us in both cultural exports and economy,” he responded.

To which Matthew, who is from England, responded, “It’s similar to the cynical British position you mentioned earlier. We used to rape all over the place [during the war] and own everything. But now we are an island nation that no one pays attention to,” he continued, to which the moderator replied, “It’s good that you guys at least speak English. Only the worst people in every culture speak Japanese.

Matthew responded, “I love Japan. I’m going on a tour of Japan,” and one of the moderators commented on his experience in Japan, “I loved it. One of the presenters commented on his experience in Japan, “I loved it. It was a great experience,” but when it came to the late NBA player Kobe Bryant, whose name comes from Kobe, the presenter said, “He (Kobe) is a rape perpetrator because he is Japanese (Kobe had a rape allegation before his death). The place was filled with laughter.

Matthew Healy Celebrates BRIT Award Win

As the podcast program distributed on Friday began to be called into question, Matthew Healy attended the Brit Awards, a British music awards ceremony, on Saturday, February 11 (UK time) with the members of The 1975. After winning the award for Best Rock/Alternative Act, Matthew ironically said in front of a screen showing Japanese words such as “Congratulations” and “Thank you,” “This is the first time I have won a Brit Award, which is decided by a vote of fans. Thank you,” he thanked his fans.

Although one photo doesn’t do justice to his state of mind, Matthew looked excited and having fun in a behind-the-scenes photo uploaded to Instagram by Charlie XCX, who is dating George Daniel, a member of The 1975.

At the time of writing, it has been several days since the podcast show was released, and Matthew has not commented on the podcast. There is no mention of the podcast.

Youngblood criticized the “privileged white men” conversation.

After the podcast show was released, “Matthew Healy” trended on Twitter in the UK for about four hours. Although there were a certain number of people who defended the show on the grounds that it was an ironic comedy show, there were absolutely many comments criticizing Matthew and the hosts’ comments as racist, and there were also comments from fans of The 1975, such as “As a fan, I wish they would comment and explain properly” and “It is hard to be a fan” There were also many comments from

In the midst of all this, Youngblood, a popular British artist, updated his Twitter page. Welcome to your thirties…” he tweeted, “Great to hear three privileged white guys talking about a hot young black female artist as an object. he tweeted, criticizing how the three 30-something men were laughing at each other for mentioning the name Ice Spice, a hot artist who just started rapping in 2021.

Incidentally, Matthew revealed in the podcast that Ice Spice ignored his DMs, but at the time of writing, Ice Spice has also ignored his comments on the podcast.

Matthew Healy is an artist who has spoken out against LGBTQ+ discrimination and misogyny, but also an artist who has often come under fire for inappropriate comments on Twitter and in interviews. This time, while the artists themselves laughed at the funny, the outcry has been so great that fans are calling for a statement. We will report any developments from Matthew or others involved as soon as possible.