36-year-old Lindsay Lohan is expecting her first child! Paris, ex-girlfriends and Mean Girls co-stars react.


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Actress Lindsay Lohan announces she is pregnant with her first child. Celebrities who were popular in the 90s with Lindsay celebrate.



Lindsay Lohan is pregnant with her first child.


Actress and singer Lindsay Lohan, 36, known for her films Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, has been living in Dubai, UEA, since 2014, with Baydar Shamas, a finance man who works for Credit Suisse, one of the world’s leading financial institutions. They started dating in 2018 and got engaged in 2021.

She then confirmed the marriage through her agent on her birthday in 2022 after commenting on her Instagram, “I am amazed that you are my husband”.


Lindsay announced on Instagram that she and Vader are expecting their first child together. Lindsay uploaded a photo on Instagram with ‘Coming Soon’ painted on her children’s clothing and captioned it, “We are blessed and thrilled!” and captioned the photo to report that she was pregnant.

Paris Hilton and Amanda Seyfried celebrate Lindsay’s pregnancy.


In the comments section of the Instagram post announcing Lindsay’s pregnancy, Paris Hilton, who was at one point considered a dog and monkey, wrote: “Congratulations, my love! I’m so happy for you. Welcome to the mothers club!” and Amanda Seyfried, who co-starred in Mean Girls, congratulated her by commenting, “This is wonderful news!” commented to congratulate her.

Lindsay’s ex-girlfriend and DJ Samantha Lawson added: ‘We wish her all the best. Any news that someone is about to have a baby is wonderful,” she told TMZ.