Lady Gaga goes from full make-up to no make-up – it was chaos backstage at the Oscars! Make-up artist goes behind the scenes to reveal the dramatic transformation.


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The 95th Academy Awards ceremony, the world’s most watched film festival, was held recently.



At the event, Lady Gaga, who was initially reported to be absent, made a much-anticipated appearance.


Lady Gaga looked glamorous when she appeared on the champagne carpet. Her smoky eyes, bold red lips and bright blush were striking.

Lady Gaga then performed ‘Hold My Hand’, the theme song from the Best Song nominated film Top Gun Maverick. In doing so, she gave an impressive stage performance wearing a T-shirt and almost no make-up.

And Lady Gaga’s make-up artist showed the story behind her dramatic transformation from full make-up to no make-up, which has become a hot topic.


The day after the awards ceremony, Gaga’s make-up artist took to her Instagram Story feature to share a photo of soiled make-up wipes, dirty cotton swabs and a handful of circular pads. Captioned “Aftermath…”, the photo showed how many items were used to remove Gaga’s make-up.

Gaga’s transformation from full make-up to no make-up and performance was one of the most notable scenes at the 95th Academy Awards ceremony. Her appearance was met with a number of comments such as ‘I want to know what make-up remover Gaga uses’ and ‘How did Lady Gaga manage to remove her make-up so quickly? I look like a joker even after washing my face like five times,” and others were seen online.


Gaga’s make-up artist did not reveal which make-up remover she used on the day, but she had mentioned a few years ago that she was a fan of Lancôme’s Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover.