Taylor Swift dives head first onto the stage! The astonishing performance, which she showed on tour, caused a huge buzz. ‘Are you aiming for the next Olympics?’ and other interesting comments flooded in!


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Taylor Swift is currently on her ‘Eras Tour’. Her ‘head dive’ performance on stage has been getting a lot of buzz.



Taylor Swift kicked off her ‘Eras Tour’ in Glendale, Arizona, last weekend.


Taylor walked on stage wearing a ruffled green dress, but in the middle of the performance, she suddenly took a dive towards the floor. The sight of her diving head first into a rather small space startled the audience.

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Video taken from a different angle on a different day shows Taylor diving into a hole in the stage. As Taylor dives, the flower aisle shows Taylor swimming through the water. She looks like a mermaid as she swims swiftly to the main stage.

@awkwatree The most impressive moment from @taylorswift ‘s #theerastour ♬ original sound – Awkwatree

Then, as waves spread across the main stage, Taylor magically reappears on screen again, this time in a new outfit. It was a dramatic costume change in such a short space of time.


Fans who saw this praised her, saying “Taylor is truly iconic”, “She looks like a stunt woman, she’s so cool!” and “She looks like a stuntwoman!”. Many also praised Taylor’s team, saying “kudos to the lighting, sound, stage management and creative team”.


On the other hand, some people made jokes about the dive. Some joked about the dive: “You definitely landed on your stomach after you dove in”, “Taylor is going for the next Olympic gold medal”, “I can’t believe she held her breath underwater for that long!” The internet has been abuzz with excitement, including.