Celebrity chefs reveal the celebrities who have ordered ‘super-crazy’ orders! Madonna ordered ‘Madonna Salmon’, Anna Wintour ordered ‘canned tuna’ and the late Queen Elizabeth…?


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Jeff Schroeter, a long-time chef at a very famous hotel, confesses the wildest requests that have popped up from the celebrities he has served.



Chef Jeff Schroeter has worked at The Savoy Hotel in London and Royalton New York in Manhattan, US.

He has now appeared on the podcast show I’ve Got News For You, and the celebrities who have made the craziest orders are Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of fashion magazine Vogue, singer Madonna, the late Queen Elizabeth and a former Chanel director, Karl Lagerfeld, revealed that they were.


Anna Wintour.


When Anna Wintour visited Mr Schroeter’s restaurant, she asked him to make her famous ‘Nice-style tuna’ using a can of tuna she had brought instead of raw fish. Mr Schroeter said: ‘She came once or twice a week for a meal and had a dedicated table. Ana was going through different (food) phases and one of the phases was a beautiful Niçoise (Nice-style) tuna” “But she didn’t like raw tuna, so she brought a can of tuna. I would make a Niçoise salad and just put the can of tuna on top of it, but she loved it”.




About 30 years ago, Mr Schroeter once flew to Miami for three days for Madonna’s 37th birthday party. There, Madonna brought in a number of other chefs and had them cook her favourite dishes. Mr Schroeter was told to cook a dish called ‘Madonna Salmon’ over and over again.


‘Madonna salmon’ is said to be a particular type of salmon cut like a butterfly and served with crushed cucumber, dates, walnuts, scraped fennel, lemon juice, olive oil and sweet basil.


The late Queen Elizabeth


Before her death, Queen Elizabeth often dined at The Savoy Hotel in London, but the Queen would only order the Peach Melba, a dessert containing peaches, raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream. According to Mr Schroeter, the Queen would march through the restaurant with her bodyguards and security dogs before settling into a private room and ordering ‘seven to ten peach melba’ for herself and her guests.


Karl Lagerfeld.


After a runway show in New York, German-born Karl Lagerfeld ordered an ‘American hot dog and fries’ even though it was not on the menu.


Of course, it was not on the menu, so Mr Schroeter and his staff “ran out into the street, grabbed a local hot dog vendor and bought all 12 of the stock that was there”, confessing that they had bought hot dogs from a street stall, to their surprise. He added: “I sent a busboy to McDonald’s to buy fries and served them on a plate. Then he told me, ‘That was the best meal I’ve had in a long time’,” he said, sharing an amusing story.