Disney & Pixar unleashes the trailer for its 28th animated feature film, “Elio! The underdog boy protagonist becomes the leader of the planet.


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Disney has released the trailer for “Elio,” Pixar’s 28th animated feature film. The company also announced the addition of Jamila Jamil and Brad Garrett to the voice cast.



The film is directed by Adrian Molina, who co-directed and wrote the screenplay for “Remember Me.

The main character is a loser boy named Elio (Jonas Gibreab). The trailer shows how Elio is suddenly transported into space and invited to an organization where representatives of the galaxy gather.


Elio is mistaken for an ambassador representing Earth. At first he denies it, but when he is told, “Then let’s erase his memory,” he changes his mind and says, “Wait, I am the leader of the Earth! I am the leader of the Earth! He declares, “I am the leader of the Earth! After being accepted as an ambassador, Elio forms a new bond with the eccentric aliens and overcomes many difficult challenges to find his true self.


When asked, “What is the name of your home world?” Elio answered, “Uh, Earth? The trailer alone is full of hilarious highlights, such as when Elio is asked “What is the name of the world you live in?


Movie fans have commented, “I’m really looking forward to ‘Elemental ‘ (the 27th film), but this one is also cute and original,” and “It’s just so cute.


Elio” is scheduled for release in the U.S. on March 1, 2024.