Cardi B.’s Microphone Thrown at Crowd Sells for $99,900


Last Updated on 08/09/2023 by てんしょく飯


A microphone that Cardi B threw at an unruly fan during a live performance turned into a donation to charity of nearly $100,000



 On July 29, 2023 local time, Cardi became furious with the audience and threw a microphone at them during a performance at Dray’s Beach Club in Las Vegas, NV

Scott Fisher, owner of the sound production company The Wave, then put the microphone up for auction on eBay; within a week, 122 bids were received and the microphone sold for $99,900.


The auction came weeks after Cardi threw the microphone at a fan who poured a glass of liquid on her during a performance.


The incident occurred early in the show after Cardi asked the audience to pour a little water on her to cool her down. An audience member then filed a police report, claiming that he had been “hit by something thrown at him from the stage. The Las Vegas police did not name Cardi when acknowledging receipt of the report, but the location of the incident on the report matched the address of the venue where she was performing.


The microphone that turned out to be the murder weapon was listed on eBay for $500. Fisher told TMZ that the original price of the microphone, which he said was still functional after being thrown at him, was $1,000. He had announced that proceeds from the auction would be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project and Friendship Circle Las Vegas, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to child care.