“Putin’s mistress theory” Ms. Kabaeva gave birth to VIP in Switzerland, the difference with the Mariupol maternity hospital bombardment


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While Russian President Vladimir Putin, 69, is under intense criticism for his invasion of Ukraine, his alleged mistress, former rhythmic gymnastics Olympic gold medalist Alina Kabayeva, 38, “the original queen of soft-bodied women,” is being questioned by the media. The “super-secret life” of the “super-secret” has been attracting a lot of attention.



Kabayeva and her four children are being sheltered in a luxury facility in Switzerland.

President Putin is reportedly hiding Kabayeva and her four children in a luxury facility in Switzerland, and the Daily Record reports details of their whereabouts and lifestyle.


A source in the city of Lugano, near the Italian border, said, “Before the new coronavirus outbreak, there were often rumors that Putin’s mistresses were in this town. It is known that they have strong connections here, but those who know them are stubbornly sworn to secrecy.


This is the perfect place for Putin to send his arena and his children,” they testified.


The connection between the city of Lugano and Kabayeva goes back seven years. According to the media, in 2015, a local TV station reported that Kabayeva gave birth at a very VIP hospital near the city The report said.


At the maternity hospital, which is popular among Russia’s wealthy, Kabayeva reserved two rooms: one for the birth and one for her family and bodyguards. President Vladimir Putin was also said to have been present.


Speaking of maternity hospitals, the Russian military had just shelled Mariupol in Ukrana, drawing criticism from around the world. The Daily Record reported, “The maternity center (where Kabayeva gave birth) has an underground parking lot under a meticulously manicured lawn with luxury cars and flamingos decorating the entrance.


Meanwhile, in Mariupol, shells are still being lobbed after a pregnant mother was carried out of the rubble on a stretcher,” he described, comparing President Putin’s VIP treatment of his mistress to his brutal actions against Ukraine. Kabayeva is also given the cold shoulder.