Linda Evangelista, the Failed Plastic Surgery Victim, Finally Makes a Comeback as a Model


Last Updated on 07/19/2022 by てんしょく飯


Linda Evangelista, the original supermodel who confessed to having failed plastic surgery, has made a comeback as a model by appearing in a new campaign for Fendi.



Linda in Fendi campaign


Linda Evangelista, the original supermodel, confessed on her Instagram in 2021 that she had undergone two corrective surgeries as a result of the CoolSculpting procedure that Zeltiq was developing as a fat reduction, which conversely resulted in PAH, a fat overweight disorder.

Despite two corrective surgeries, the aftereffects did not disappear and “I was left with a permanent deformity,” Linda said, but in February 2022, she appeared on People for the first time in a long time, saying “I want to help people in the same situation as me,” and showed her current self.

And now, finally, Linda has taken the first step in her return as a model: in 2022, Fendi’s iconic Baguette bag will celebrate its 25th anniversary. For this reason, Fendi will hold a show in New York in September, and Linda has been chosen for the campaign.





It will be interesting to see if Linda will be back on the runway at the Fendi show in New York in September.