Lady Gaga’s Choreographer Sued by 10 Dancers for Abusive Behavior! ‘He abused me’ and ‘toxic workplace’… some dancers quit just before tour


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Lady Gaga’s choreographer, Richard “Richy” Jackson, has been accused by 10 dancers of creating a “toxic workplace,” “unhealthy” and “unsafe” environment in which to work.



Lady Gaga had nothing to do with this situation.”

This news came just as Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated world tour, the Cromatica Ball World Tour, kicked off in Germany.


Five of Gaga’s longtime backup dancers resigned just days before the tour began, citing a toxic work environment by Richy.


According to Rolling Stone magazine, dancer Caroline Diamond said, “He abused and annoyed me. He treated me terribly at work. It was my dream to be a Gaga dancer. I followed that dream and I got it. She is a dream. And then I got there, and this man turned my dream into a nightmare,” the accuser said.


The magazine later interviewed five additional dancers who made similar claims, two of whom voluntarily resigned.


The dancers who spoke out against the choreographer all spoke highly of Gaga, claiming that she was not at fault, saying that she had nothing to do with the situation because she was hardly present at the rehearsals the dancers had with Jackson.


Gaga’s team is taking the dancers’ claims seriously and is currently investigating the allegations.