Ariana Grande Responds to Fans’ Calls to “Remember You’re a Singer”


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Ariana Grande, who has been focusing on activities outside of music, responded to a fan who said, “Don’t forget that you are a singer.



Ariana Grande responds to a fan’s point of view.


Ariana Grande is a singer who has released many hit songs such as “Break Free” and “thank u, next. Recently, she has been focusing on activities other than music, and has been cast in the film version of the hit Broadway musical “Wicked,” as well as launching her own cosmetics brand “r.e.m. beauty” last November.


Ariana has not released an album since the release of “Positions” in 2020, and a look back at her social networking posts over the past six months shows an increase in content related to r.e.m. beauty. The video she posted on TikTok a few days ago was also related to r.e.m. Beauty, but one of her fans complained that Ariana’s activities were less focused on music than on the cosmetics brand y, saying, “Remember that she is a singer.

Seeing the comment, Ariana replied, “I have never felt so comfortable with my voice or felt so much like a singer,” and softly refuted it.


Incidentally, as some of you may know, Ariana, who plays Glinda in “Wicked,” is so extraordinarily enthusiastic about the film that she asserts that she will “pour my heart, my time, my soul, my everything” into it, and in May this year, she revealed in an interview with Billboard that she does not plan to release a new album until “Wicked” is finished. In an interview with Billboard in May of this year, she revealed that she will not release a new album until “Wicked” is finished.


Also, Ariana released three consecutive albums, “Sweetner” in 2018, “thank u, next” in 2019, and “Positions” in 2020, so it seems like there is a gap in time, but it takes several years before the next album is released. However, it is not unusual for it to take several years before the release of the next album. For example, Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” was released three years after her last album, and Justin Bieber’s “Changes” was released five years after his last album. As Ariana’s comments indicate, her passion for music has not disappeared, so we will wait patiently for her next album.