Shawn Mendes and his new girlfriend since the breakup! Camila Cabello kisses dating site CEO


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Camila Cabello has a new boyfriend since Shawn Mendes. She is reportedly dating Austin Kevitch, a businessman who runs a dating app.



Camila Cabello is dating Austin Kevitch


Camila Cabello may have stepped into a new relationship with Austin Kevitch, a businessman who runs a dating app. However, she was spotted holding hands with a man in Los Angeles, California on August 8.


This time, her boyfriend, who was scooped by Daily Mail, is Austin Kevitch, a businessman, as previously reported. When their date was reported in June this year, they were only photographed leaving a restaurant after dinner, but this time they were seen holding hands and Camila kissing Austin on the cheek, and it is highly likely that they are dating.


Austin, who is now effectively dating 25-year-old Camilla, is a 31-year-old young businessman who runs the dating app Lox Club, which “targets Jews and non-Jews with ridiculously high standards” and is known for its tagline, “You can finally find someone your grandmother would approve of. You’ll find it,” the catchphrase is known as “You’ll find it.


Camilla and Austin have not responded to dating reports at the time of writing.